Oliver, Violet, and Roots.

My French Bulldog dog Violet, has a monthly column at Getleashedmag.com and this month, the subject was sweaters. I found this great dog sweater for her at Roots and couldn't resist getting my son Oliver a matching one. I'm THAT mom. It's pretty tough getting them in the same frame, the only way to really do it is to put them on log or a bench where they both can't run away. Anyway, here are some photos of them from the weekend in their matching sweaters. 


Palm Spring, LA and Joshua Tree

My family and I went to LA, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree a few months ago and had an amazing time (although travelling with a one-year-old is not all that relaxing). Anyway, to start off this blog, here are some photos from the trip (most of these photos were taken with an iPhone).